Twinsisters Jutglar

Twinsisters Jutglar

Camós’s twin sisters, Carme and Francesca, have always been dedicated to the art world and exploit it in a peculiar way “in four hands” from their family farmhouse.

This allows them to give a special character to their work that at the same time demands a greater prominence of the currents that throughout history have been mainly fought by women and upsized this role that has sometimes been undervalued by society.

At the artistic level they have trained in different art schools in Banyoles and in design schools in Barcelona and they have exhibited their works of art in different cities around the world: Girona, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Madrid, Santa Fe (USA), Brussels, etc.

In terms of styles, between 2005 and 2014 their works were of the surreal pop mainstream (oils mainly) where they recreated stories that transported to childhood, combining innocence and perversity. From 2018 on, they have created a collection that breaks with the style, the format (wooden base) and the technique (waxed color pencils) above but that keeps the woman as the centerpiece, in a series of portraits where realism lets grasp all this fighting spirit that characterizes the twins. This current realistic facet is also worked on in oils and in “mug shots” portraits showing the “police record” of the character drawn.

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