Marcó Ceramics

Marcó Ceramics, an artisan’s family saga dating from 1473

Marcó Ceramics, located in the town of Quart (Girona), is one of the oldest ceramic craftsmen of artistic creation in the Mediterranean. It has been active since the 15th century and, today, represents the 25th generation.

Marcó Ceramics has always stood out for its artistic legacy and the quality with which it works. These two aspects have allowed it to establish collaborations with universities, art and design schools and museums. Since 2004, it counts with the distinction of QUALIFIED ARTISAN PRODUCT (PAQ) awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya who, at the same time, has awarded it the recognition of master craftsmen.

The work of Can Marcó is basically made of clay, with different finishes typical of this production process. The personal treatment they are given makes each one considered a unique piece of craftsmanship. The works can respond to author’s work (original work) or reproductions of the original work by plaster mould and hand moulded.

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