About Arthinx

Arthinx has been born with the help of two entrepreneurs who, seeing the artistic and artisanal talent of Catalonia and especially of the province of Girona, wanted to collaborate with them to disseminate their creations.

The name Arthinx is subdivided into two components:


ART= Artists & Artisans

THINX= comes from a nomenclature developed by us of the English words “things” and “thinks” where the phonetic endings of “gs” and “ks” are covered by the “X”.

The content of the website is structured in different sections depending on the subject or material in which the works of art have been prepared (ceramics, cardboard, artwear, etc.).

The products on display seek:

• Be as much environmentally friendly as possible in the creation process.

• To value local products nationally and internationally.

• Promote local talent.

• Be useful for those who acquire them, trying to be practical, understanding that the decorative component also responds to a specific need.