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Jordi Ventura

Jordi Ventura

The origins of Taller JV go back to 1950 in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, ​​when Mr. Joan Ventura founded the goldsmith’s workshop.

His son, Jordi Ventura, from the age of 17, began to study at the Escola Massana and worked in the workshop with his father, where he learned the profession.

This year the workshop celebrates its seventieth anniversary maintaining the original essence, in a dedicated way and with personal designs.

For some years now he has been working together with Mercè Ribas, a master craftswoman at the Arboç del Penedés School of “Puntaires”, who works with gold and silver thread, and Jordi has integrated it into the world of jewelry.


Twinsisters Jutglar

Twinsisters Jutglar

Camós’s twin sisters, Carme and Francesca, have always been dedicated to the art world and exploit it in a peculiar way “in four hands” from their family farmhouse.

This allows them to give a special character to their work that at the same time demands a greater prominence of the currents that throughout history have been mainly fought by women and upsized this role that has sometimes been undervalued by society.

At the artistic level they have trained in different art schools in Banyoles and in design schools in Barcelona and they have exhibited their works of art in different cities around the world: Girona, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Madrid, Santa Fe (USA), Brussels, etc.

In terms of styles, between 2005 and 2014 their works were of the surreal pop mainstream (oils mainly) where they recreated stories that transported to childhood, combining innocence and perversity. From 2018 on, they have created a collection that breaks with the style, the format (wooden base) and the technique (waxed color pencils) above but that keeps the woman as the centerpiece, in a series of portraits where realism lets grasp all this fighting spirit that characterizes the twins. This current realistic facet is also worked on in oils and in “mug shots” portraits showing the “police record” of the character drawn.

Marta Casals Juanola

Marta Casals Juanola

Marta Casals Juanola

Marta is originally from Alt Empordà (Costa Brava) and holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (UB) and Graphic Design from the Autonomous University of Barcelona – Eina (UAB). 

In the field of design she has worked for advertising agencies. She currently works on her own (freelance) as an illustrator and designer.

Her illustrations stand out for their Mediterranean air and for their intention to enhance nature, which with its particular color palette knows how to capture perfectly a pure, cheerful and dynamic atmosphere.

Many of her illustrations that have these characteristics are ideal for a children’s audience or for lovers of animals and nature.

Marcó Ceramics

Marcó Ceramics, an artisan’s family saga dating from 1473

Marcó Ceramics, located in the town of Quart (Girona), is one of the oldest ceramic craftsmen of artistic creation in the Mediterranean. It has been active since the 15th century and, today, represents the 25th generation.

Marcó Ceramics has always stood out for its artistic legacy and the quality with which it works. These two aspects have allowed it to establish collaborations with universities, art and design schools and museums. Since 2004, it counts with the distinction of QUALIFIED ARTISAN PRODUCT (PAQ) awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya who, at the same time, has awarded it the recognition of master craftsmen.

The work of Can Marcó is basically made of clay, with different finishes typical of this production process. The personal treatment they are given makes each one considered a unique piece of craftsmanship. The works can respond to author’s work (original work) or reproductions of the original work by plaster mould and hand moulded.